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, pandemonium when this hit. you have the fbi responding, lapd, police officers from lax as well. multiple shots. done by the assault rifle, brooke. >> okay, deborah feyerick, thank you very much. let me just read what we now have from the tsa. this is a tsa union leader responding to the shooting. i'm just going to quote david cox sr. quote, we're sickened by reports of today's shooting at the los angeles international airport. our sincerest thoughts and prayers go out to the passengers and transportation security officers killed or injured in the heinous act. thank you to all of our brave tsos who put their lives on the line every day to keep the flying public safe. afge, the american federation of government employees, is monitoring the situation along with the tsa management. so that is from the tsa, specifically. i can also tell you in just about 15 minutes from now, we should be getting a news conference from l.a. police, airport police as well. so that happening in 15 minutes to get some official word and some facts from the members of the law enforcement community. and with regard to tha
. it's a shock to our community at this point right now. you know, this is -- the fbi in california, the fbi here in new jersey, they're working together as a team. and they're going, you know, turn over stone over and try to find out what happened and why it happened. >> reporter: the family says they did not know that he had a rifle. they said that he had no history of mental health problems. in fact, they told police that he was back here just this summer for a wedding. nothing seemed to be the problem. the indication came when this series of text messages to his family, the text messages were described to us as being alarming, angry, hinted that perhaps he might hurt himself. that is when the family called the local police here. the local police here got on the phone with the lapd and said, "please, go check this out, make sure he's okay." but by the time the officers got there and were talking to paul -- paul's roommates there in los angeles, he himself had already gone to l.a.x. >> mm. all right. chris lawrence, thank you so much for that update from pennsville, new jersey. >>
found dead inside a gym mat. the fbi is now investigating whether kendrick johnson was murdered, or if it was a tragic accident. >>> and the turnout strong in boston. thousands are packing the streets for parades celebrating the world champion red sox. >>> a disturbing picture is coming together for the man who burst into the los angeles airport, shooting several tsa officers, and killing one. the fbi says he is paul anthony ciancia, and he was carrying materials, including an anti-tsa rant and a reference to a new world order, according to a federal law enforcement official. when shots were fired, people in terminal 3 ran for their lives yesterday. cell phone video obtained by tmz shows the chaos as officers yelled at people to get down. >> clear? on the floor! on the floor! on the floor now! on the floor! >> go, go, go! >> on the floor! >> come on, you guys. >> go, go! [ alarm sounding ] go, go! [ sirens ] [ bleep ] this is crazy, dog. >> and there you see, without recitation, people taking off, running for their lives in terminal 3 at l.a.x. the scene stunning and terrifyin
terrorized passengers at l.a.x. the fbi digging for a motive, looking into why they say paul ciancia shot three tsa agents, killing one. >>> a strong turnout in boston. more than 1 million strong celebrating the red sox's big world series win. fans also paying tribute to the resilience of the marathon bombing survivors. >>> and buckle up. an airline is putting a new spin on those preflight safety instructions. >>> a major investigation under way at the los angeles international airport a day after a gunman burst in and killed a tsa officer. here's what we know today. tsa administrator john pistole is on his way to los angeles today. he is expected to meet with the family of killed tsa officer gerardo hernandez and others. right now l.a.x. is open, but no flights are leaving from terminal 3 where the shooting happened. a tweet from the airport says people who left things in that terminal yesterday can now get them at the ticket counter. >>> and we're also learning more about the suspected shooter, paul ciancia. according to a law enforcement official, he was carrying materials including an
we have someone motivated by a possible terrorism motivation which would cause the fbi to be the lead agency? those are facts which are not yet determined. so right now, everybody, would together. and again, airports like l.a.x. and other large airports throughout the united states conduct training exercises on a continuing basis for everything from airplane hijackings to incidents in the terminals themselves. so this is not going to be something that they're not used to dealing with in terms of at least they may have trained for this particular incident on many occasions. >> and you can see from the pictures we're showing our viewers, courtesy of our affiliates in los angeles, there's a heightened intense operation under way right now to deal with this incident at l.a.x. casey wian is joining us on the phone right now, one of our reporters based in los angeles. what are you hearing, casey? >> well, wolf, what we're hearing from knx radio in los angeles, they had someone on the air a couple minutes ago who they described as an eyewitness to the shooting. he described a white male, cle
of anyone who investigated death. the fbi, who i believe is the finest investigative agency in the world, is cooperating with us in our efforts. should sufficient information be developed to warrant a criminal civil rights investigation i will ask the fbi to open civil rights or any other appropriate criminal investigation. as the united states attorney and within the confines of the appropriate federal jurisdiction, i will follow the facts wherever, wherever they lead. my objectives to discover the truth and i believe that can only be done by gathering all of the evidence and relevant information surrounding mr. johnson's death. i am committed to doing everything in my power to answer the questions that exist in this case or as many of them as we can. now, as those of you who have covers the department of justice before or covers my office before know, we do not typically comment on pending investigations. because this is now an ongoing investigation by my office, i'm not going to take questions at this time. going forward, i will not be making any public comments about this matter unti
a combination of a review and investigation. he and the fbi will be looking at it and they are going to conduct their own interviews. he says they are going to treat this like a cold case going out and trying to find the people that were in the gym and around the gym and find the facts. >> there are in consistentsys everything from deeming it accidental. and it looks like foul play was involved and the condition of the body. how will they go about that? does it appear as though there may be a cover up and that being part of the federal investigation? >> that is what the family believes. they believe this was a cover up. we do not know. because that statement from the u.s. attorney was carefully written. what the specific one detail was that initiated the investigation but we do know that there is a possibility that there could be another exhumemation there is the one from the state the autopsy and the private autopsy. maybe the fbi would want their own to find out which one is more in the right direction of what actually happened. what is next? >> the authorities fbi will be goes in and startin
angeles to meet with the fbi and the grieving family of tsa officer gerardo hernandez. so, tell me how l.a.x. is honoring this fallen tsa officer. >> reporter: well, it's just like the high security that we just heard about in the news conference, don, there is also going to be visible signs of mourning here at the united states sixth busiest airport. when you first drive in, there are these 100-foot pylons at the entrance of l.a.x. they are going to be lit blue, and that's going to be for the tsa. the tsa color up until thursday. and then once you get past the entrance and you start to check in, you'll see that the tsa officers here have on their badges a black band, and that is for their fallen officer, their fellow co-worker, mr. hernandez. what we're seeing here not just visible signs of security but also visible signs of grief, don. >> and what are investigators looking for at the airport today? we had a brief conversation about it, you know, just a couple minutes ago, but what exactly are they looking for today? >> reporter: well, the terminal has just reopened fully. we know that
. the suspect came back and shot him again killing him. the f.b.i. says five people were shot, including the suspected gunman who is in critical condition at a hopt right now. two other tsa officers were wounded and treated in hospitals and released. 29-year-old high school teach erp is in fair condition. he was shot in the leg. >>> gosh, stephanie. this story is just horrible. you just spok with a passenger who witnessed the shooting, what did the passenger say? >> this man came back to pick up his luggage. the ones that they had abandoned his whole family to run. this what he said he saw. >> we heard gunshots and everybody in security hit the ground. a lot were there, also. there was a pause and i looked down the escalator. he had his gun on the wall there and he shot him twice. so i was kind of knelt down and he ran up the escalator. i said something and he yelled something. >> he said it took hours for him to reunite with his family. he said after he saw him shooting, he went out one door and his wife went out another door and they all walked back to the car. >> oh, my gosh, is it th
. now the fbi will reopen the investigation. [ male announcer ] pepcid® presents: the burns family dinner. why would i take one pepcid® when i could take tums® throughout the day when my heartburn comes back? 'cause you only have to take one... [ male announcer ] don't be like the burns. just one pepcid® complete works fast and lasts. smoke? nah, i'm good. [ male announcer ] celebrate every win with nicoderm cq, the unique patch with time release smartcontrol technology that helps prevent the urge to smoke all day long. help prevent your cravings with nicoderm cq. >>> there is hope the family of georgia teenager kendrick johnson will find justice. the fbi will look at their son's death with fresh eyes. cnn aggressively pursued answers in johnson's death after authorities ruled he died accidentally even though some parts of their investigation didn't add up. cnn's victor blackwell is on the case. >> no justice! >> no peace! >> reporter: after months of rallies and protests the family hopes they will get justice. >> at this time however i am of the opinion a sufficient basis exist
. the fbi says 23-year-old paul anthony ciancia enters terminal 3, pulls a rifle from a bag and opens fire. >> he proceeded up into the screening area where tsa screeners are, and continues shooting and went past the screeners back into the airport itself. >> reporter: at the security checkpoint, tsa officers who are not armed are shot. one, 39-year-old giardo hernandez is killed. he is the first tsa officer to die in the line of duty since the agency was established in 2001. authorities say after shooting his way through this security checkpoint, ciancia manages to make it all the way down this hallway. they say he is stopped about i police in the food court area. hundreds run for their lives. >> it was complete panic. people were screaming, you know, i saw children crying. >> pure and utter mayhem. people were tripping over each other on the floor, bags everywhere, crying, screaming. >> everybody started, like, flying down the hallway, and they were just, like, jumping over chairs, jumping over people. and we were kind of trapped at the terminal. >> reporter: trapped with no where else t
hernandaz who crumpled to the floor. the suspect came back and shot him again killing him. the f.b.i. says five people were shot, including the suspected gunman who is in critical condition at a hopt right now.
that reportedly, fbi agents recovered here at the airport after he was shot. where he was talking about the tsa, he was talking about the nsa. and that he said he wanted to instill fear in the tsa agents for the way they conduct themselves. now why he got to the point that he was so angry at the tsa, that's a question we still don't know. and we don't know if we'll ever get an answer, because at this point, ciancia is still unresponsive. if he does come to, he faces two felony charges on what he did do, wolf? >> thanks very much, stephanie elam. we're also learning more about the tsa officer killed in the shooting. jirardo hernandez was what's being called a behavior determination officer at l.a.x. he had been at the airport for three years. hernandez leaves behind a wife and two children. and was a week away, only a week away from celebrating his 40th birthday. two other officers, james spear and tony griggsby were wounded. they've been released from the hospital. a local schoolteacher, brian ludber was also wounded, he's still in the hospital. >>> there's some calling for all tsa officers to
in terms of how many teams are on the ground? is it all being handled locally? is the fbi coming in? do we know anything about that? >> reporter: and those will be the fresh questions that we want to talk to the sheriff about. we've reached out to them, and hope to learn more about that investigation. that search for these men. and the question is, are they still here in this county? are they still in this state? certainly we do know that there is an active search, the scope of that we hope to find out a little more this morning. >> absolutely. lot of questions. george appreciate the reporting. thank you. >>> growing outrage over reports that the united states spied on some of its top european allies, a new report suggested that president obama knew nothing about it until this summer. "the wall street journal" citing unnamed u.s. officials reports that the nsa ended a program used to spy on german chancellor angela merkel and some other top world leaders after an internal white house review this summer. meanwhile a top republican lawmaker is defending the nsa surveillance program abroad sa
someone's blood end up on the wall in the gym. cnn laid out these facts for former fbi special agent herald copes. >> i don't believe this was an accident. i believe this young man met with foul play. >> and victor blackwell joins me now from macon, georgia. victor, huge news, huge victory for the family who you have been in touch with for months and months. hearing from mrs. johnson she said the only thing she wanted was the truth. for the family, this feels like one step in the right direction, doesn't it? >> it does. they've been waiting and hoping for this federal investigation not just since we started doing this story six months ago, but since his death and since they got that report from the sheriff's office that this was not the result of foul play. that's at least questionable to u.s. attorney michael moore since he decided to open this investigation. there's a couple of sentences in his remarks and i had a copy here today that stand out, brooke. i want it read these two sentences. should sufficient information be warranted to develop a civil rights investigation. oep an civ
to keep in mind fbi and law enforce him me officials said he carried a one page manifesto with him which was an anti-government diatribe especially against the tsa that had disparaging comments about former dhs secretary janet napolitano. and the rhetoric he used in the manifesto was almost part and parcel of the so-called quote/unquote patriot movement here in the united states which sees the department of homeland security as an enemy and part of this conspiracy they're new world order thing. so i think under any normal definition of the term terrorism which most people deem to be violence committed against the general public with a political ideology, i think the patriot movement is definitely one that would fit the profile here. >> well, help us understand in a wider perspective how not naming paul ciancia a terrorist affects the muslim community. >> it not only affects the muslim community here in the united states, i think it affects all minorities. what we've done here in america sodly is co-opted the term terrorism for only apply to b b black and brown people. and when a white m
senator rand paul, the republican of kentucky, put a hold on the confirmation of james coupmbe as fbi director because he had questions about drones in the u.s. this is something under senate rules he is able to do, is able to stand in the way of all of these confirmation votes. the real question is whether senator reid could get the votes needed to get past it and whether these witnesses that senator graham wants to hear from are going to be produced. >> he said this on "fox and frie friends" yesterday morning, so there's been 20-odd hours or so for people to react to this on capitol hill. >> so far, we haven't heard from senate majority leader harry reid about this. the white house has said this is a political move. they've acknowledged there wasn't enough security in benghazi. the white house arging all along when it comes to these confirmation proess is to allow a vote for these nominees to go forward and not be blocked for political reasons. but the fact of the matter is, senator graham has the power to do this under the rules of the senate. this one senator can stand in the way
it happened. to that end, we as the seansah family have fully cooperated with the fbi and other law enforcement agencies over the last several days. it's most port for us as a family to express our deep and sincere sympathy to the hernandez family. >> meanwhile, the woman who knows the alleged gunman and his three room mates is sharing details about ciancia and the day of the shooting exclusively with cnn. stephanie elam, let me bring you in. you're live outside l.a.x. first, let's talk about police because we know his parents alerted police. police were within minutes of his apartment on friday morning. >> within minutes. we're talking about 45 minutes, brooke. what we understand happened is that allegedly, paul ciancia sent a text message to his brother and father on that morning, on friday morning, according to this woman who knows ciancia, he said he was going to kill himself. that sent them to call the authorities in their town. they then reached out to the los angeles police department who then went to do a welfare check, but seauns yauz was already gone. he asked another room
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